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Special Offer for Limited Time only - All items on this page are mailed POST FREE Australia-wide


To order any of the below lots please email me -

Can't find what you are searching for? Email me .. New Stock always arriving

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Brand New Stock of Quality German made Lighthouse Stockbooks now available.

Order fast - only limited numbers of these on hand.

Hagner sheets are now $1.75 each retail - and then you need to buy a binder and slipcase to store them in. Rehouse your collection in clean, brand new quality books every few years to save them being affected by dampness, mould, rust or humidity. 

Buy these quality brand new shrinkwrapped stockbooks at a fraction of the hagner price, and give your collection the quality it deserves. They look very professional sitting on a shelf or table in your stamp rooms.

These books are large, A4 sized, and all with black pages, cost more to produce and sell than white pages, but your collection will usually look much better on a black background.

Here are our special prices on these, please order fast to ensure availability of stock

1/ Lighthouse Stockbook: 32 Black Pages. Assorted cover colours.
Wholesale factory cartons of 10 books - Just $335.00 the lot - POST FREE!
(Only $33 per book or about $1 per page)

2/ Lighthouse Stockbook: 64 Black Pages. Assorted cover colours.
Wholesale factory cartons of 10 books - Just $625.00 the lot - POST FREE!
(Only $62.5 per book - Under $1 per page)

3/ Lighthouse : 64 Black Pages. Special CROCODILE Leather covers. Assorted colours. Buy the best albums to house your best stamps! 
Embossed on spine & with gold plated corners, clear strips and double glassine paper interleaving, these books are the premium option available on the market. Looks and feels elegant, the best way to store your prized collection! 
Wholesale Factory Cartons of 5 books - Just $349.00 the lot - POST FREE!
(Only $69.80 per book - just over $1 a page - still cheaper than hagners, yet so much more attractive)
















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Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Commonwealth & Empire 1840-1970 2016 Edition - Brand New - Just $220.00 - POST FREE

The standard work of reference for collectors of Commonwealth stamps all over the world. As usual, there have been a number of additions and improvements to the 2016 edition.


There is a fully priced listing of South African stamps used in South West Africa and the listing of Transvaal stamps used in Swaziland has been extended to cover the Edward VII period and postage dues. The ‘CSAR’ railway company officials of Transvaal and Orange River Colony are also now listed and priced. There are additions to the ‘used abroad’ sections (notably India used in Bahrain and Hong Kong used in the Treaty Ports) and several new inverted and reversed watermarks have been added, while others, previously listed without prices, are now given a value. New plate flaws and varieties range from the well-established, such as the ‘Barbed wire’ on the South Africa 1d. Victory and further flaws on the New Zealand 1d. ‘Dominion’, to new discoveries, including the spectacular ‘Break in cloud’ on the Falkland Islands Centenary stamp of 1933.


So, if you buy or sell Commonwealth stamps, it really makes no sense to continue to rely on the 2015 edition - just one astute purchase based on the updated information in it will pay for its purchase price straight away! This Stanley Gibbons comprehensive catalogue covers Great Britain, Commonwealth and Empire countries 1840-1970. The listings include variations in watermark, perforation, paper and printing methods, major shades, watermark varieties, important plate flaws, errors and booklets (all listed and priced).

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The Stamp of Australia DVD - Brand New & Sealed Region 4.


The History of the Australian Postal Service 
Presented by Scott McGregor.

In an era of technological communication, where emails and social network platforms have become ingrained in the status quo, Stamp of Australia is a refreshing love letter to the past, detailing the manner in which Australians have communicated with each other and the world over the past 200 years. 

Exploring Australias notorious tyranny of distance tracking the day the first letters arrived in the colony in 1790, to the establishment of the first post office in 1809, to blazing mail trails by horseback, the chaotic communications on the gold-fields, the effect of immigration, the advent of the telegraph, the two World Wars, the impact of airmail and how the humble stamp set the scene for the new nation's first republican debate. 

Hosted by Scott McGregor -The Stamp of Australia details many remarkable stories of delivery, including how Australian POW's had their mail delivered by a Japanese bomber on a bombing raid of Port Moresby.

Brand New & Sealed 100 minutes long DVD. 

This is a Region 4 DVD suitable for Australia & NZ DVD players only.

For anyone interested in the history of Australian stamps, this really is a worthwhile series to watch. You are bound to learn something new.

Just $25 each - POST FREE!












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Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World 2016 Edition - 6 Huge Volumes - Brand New Catalogue Recently Released

The Stamps of the World Simplified Catalogue lists commemoratives, definitives, air-mails, postage dues, official stamps and miniature sheets. All stamps have the universally recognized and individual Stanley Gibbons (SG) catalogue number and are set out according to date of issue of the stamps, by country.

Extensive re-pricing of the following countries since the previous edition:

  • Great Britain

  • All Commonwealth and British Empire Countries for the period 1840-1970

  • Austria, Lombardy & Venetia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Austro-Hungarian Military Post), Austro-Hungarian Military Post, Austrian Territories Acquired by Italy, Austro-Hungarian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire, United Nations (Vienna Centre) and Hungary

  • Germany, including West Berlin, East Germany and German States

  • Australian States, Australia, Australian Antarctic Territory, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Nauru, Norfolk Island, Papua (British New Guinea), Papua New Guinea

  • Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rhodesia, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe

  • Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot Posts, Gibraltar and Malta

  • Ireland

  • United States of America, Confederate States of America, Canal Zone, Cuba (US Military Rule), Guam, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau and United Nations (New York Headquarters)

  • Bangladesh, Burma, Pakistan, Bahawalpur, Ceylon and Sri Lanka

  • France, French Andorra, Spanish Andorra and Monaco

  • Hong Kong

  • Belgium, Belgian Congo, Ruanda-Urundi and Luxembourg


In addition, all new issues for all countries received since the previous edition are listed and priced. The first Catalogue Supplement to this volume appeared in the September 2015 of Gibbons Stamp Monthly.

Just $700.00 the set - POST FREE






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*AVAILABLE SOON --- Pre Order NOW --  Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Australia & Territories 10th Edition published in 2016 Brand New $75.00

The Stanley Gibbons Australia Catalogue provides up-to-date priced listings of the stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia, its states and dependencies, including the stamps of German New Guinea, issued before Australian occupation in World War I. There are comprehensive listings of watermark varieties, errors, major plate flaws, shades, booklets, official stamps, postage dues, postal fiscals and telegraph stamps, a helpful index to stamp designs and a guide to pricing stamps on cover to 1945. The new 10th edition includes new watermark and perforation varieties in Australian states, and the King George 1d. carmine with sideways watermark is listed for the first time - and with a price of £50,000 it's surely worth checking to see if you've got one! The 1929 Airmail stamp from booklets is also now listed, along with the prominent 'Extended wing' variety, and there are revisions to the New Guinea 'Huts' definitives. Prices have been carefully reviewed, with increases in states, varieties, postage dues, officials and Papua Lakatois. A worthwhile buy, estimated retail $75 - to be confirmed.






















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Exciting New Specialist Publication Available -

Australia 1974 $2 'Red Gums of the Far North' High Value Stamp


Constant Plate Varieties Book - Compiled by Greg Laidler

Very interesting 77 page spiral bound quality book just published in June 2016 by Specialist Collector Greg Laidler who has put many 100's of hours work and study into this fascinating stamp issue. 

For anyone with an interest in this stamp, or any Decimal plate varieties in general it really is a top publication with many colour photos and plenty of detail. Highly recommended by me as an interesting specialised publication. 

We have brand new copies of this book available at $50.00 each.

If you are interested in 'noodling' or 'flyspecking' this stamp issue with your new copy of the book, I also can supply bundles of 100 of these $2 High Value stamps that were put together years ago - So you can do some of your own research on this popular Australian Painting Definitive stamp. Just $15.00 per bundle.

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Lighthouse Stamp Mounts Black Bulk Pack Mixed Variety of Sizes 1 Kilogram/kg - Approx 400+ Mixed Sized Strips - perfect for hingeless mounting of a variety of items. $155.00 the lot - POST FREE.

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Lighthouse BASIC Stockbook Stamp Motif Cover Design A4 32 Black Pages - Wholesale Lot of 10 Stockbooks. 


The new STAMP stockbook series features all of the important marks of quality that have come to be expected from LIGHTHOUSE stockbooks.  For the cover, pages, strips, binding and interleaves only selected materials are used which guarantee appealing and secure storage for your stamps.  The coloured cover features stamps from around the world.

The box full for $279.00 - POST FREE.





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Owl Brand Hagner Binder with Slipcase -- Padded Black Cover

Capacity approx 50-60 single sided pages. Capacity decreases if you are storing thicker items eg PNC or FDC -- suitable for both Hagner and Vario Pages, Available in Black Only. 

Black padded binder with matching slipcase. 4 D rings. Overall size of the whole unit - binder and slipcase is 267 mm wide x 315 mm high. The spine measures 65 mm. On the spine there's gold horizontal stripes (5) with a gold owl. Ideal for Prinz, Hagner and Vario sheets.

Sold in massive cartons of 10 sets - Which gives you a heap of quality storage product.... All brand new $400 the lot - POST FREE.

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Australians Awarded 2nd Edition BRAND NEW PUBLICATION


 This second edition is without question the most comprehensive reference of honours, decorations, awards, medals and official forms of recognition to Australians ever produced. Australians Awarded has been compiled over 15 years to create 800 pages of in-depth detail on Honours, Medals and Decorations to Australians from 1770 to 2013. This edition includes comprehensive ribbon charts incorporating historical and current awards; detailed tables for types of awards; numbers issued, values, font types, medal types, ribbons, clasps, official badges, plaques, scrolls, certificates and detail for entitlement. Australians Awarded II also includes the only comprehensive listing of foreign orders and decorations to Australians between 1850 and 2013, as well as the never before published state-by-state multi-jurisdictional internal forms of recognition and awards. All of this is studied and explained, with 1000’s of images and extensive historical text. This book is for anyone with a passion for Australian military history, the enthusiast or specialist, the professional, the amateur, the collector, the dealer or simply anyone who has ever been, an Australian Awarded. 780pages - Full Colour.

$100 - POST FREE!

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Australian History 1901 to 2001 As Seen Through Banknotes 

Superb Brand New Hardbound Book  - Original Retail $250!

The history of the evolution of Australian currency notes since Federation is a fascinating one. With the foreword written by Ian Macfarlane, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia from 1996-2006, this volume brings an international perspective and significant new information to the History of Australian Currency. The official note issue begins with the superscribed series printed by the Government before World War I, and ends with today's polymer notes. This limited edition leather-bound book with slipcase has previously unpublished banknote images and information sourced from the Reserve Bank of Australia Archives, leading collectors, dealers, historians, museums, and the Dauer Collection. With the collaboration of the Reserve Bank, this 352 page full-colour tome extensively covers Pre-Federation 1851 to 1900, Federation notes from 1901 to 2001, military issues of both World Wars and Vietnam, and 20th century shinplasters. Co-authored by Dr. Edward and Joanne Dauer, America's foremost banknote collectors, and John Pettit, Australia's leading banknote dealer, this presentation book makes the ideal personal or corporate gift.

AUTHOR: Dr. Edward and Joanne Dauer. Now on special - Just $85.00 each POST FREE!

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Lighthouse Postcards Album - Brand New Capacity 600 Postcards

  • Pocket Size 162 x 114mm ( 6 1/3 x 4½ inches)

  • 6 pockets per page

  • Clear plastic which allows cards to be viewed from both sides

  • Capacity 600 postcards (no double sided viewing) or 300 postcards with double sided view. 


Great quality - grab a box full and see for yourself!

Per 5 albums $325.00 POST FREE

Per 10 albums $600.00 POST FREE

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 Schaubek Stamp DRYING BOOK A4 Size - Has 12 Sheets of Blotting Paper - Perfect way to dry your stamps flat and easily, without mess and taking up loads of space. These are the budget option on the market at just $24.50 each - Post free!

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  Desert Magic Stamp Drying Book. These are the best quality product on the market. Perfect way to neatly and quickly dry your stamps after soaking. Good design means stamps don't stick to the pges, and these books can be reused many times over. $39.50 each - post free!

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Stamp Collectors Image Database Software -- Pro Version CD Now Available.


Stamp Collection Management Image Database Professional Edition. Includes collection report and links with each record. ontacts and suppliers database built in too!


Very easy to use for those with little computer experience

View your stamps at greater than normal size without a magnifier

Based on Microsoft Access which ensures future compatability

Program is supplied on CD ROM as a self installing package. No other software is required.

Large images can now be used. Images inserted are automatically resized to fit frame and can be viewed in their own window using the viewer function.

Simple image insertion. Just click once on the image field and select your file.

Report including images. View the report on screen or print out. Report can be filtered to display selected records.

Export your record data to Excel files (.xls), text files (.txt .csv .tab .asc), html, rtf, xml or to another Access database (.mdb .mde)

Backup the main database file easily using the built in backup feature

Contacts and suppliers database to keep track of all your stamp collecting associations, dealers, collectors and colleagues.

Viewer button which launches default windows image viewer to view the currently displayed image in a larger window.

2 links per record where you can add weblinks or links to files on your PC such as video, pdf, doc, text audio etc.

Database capacity is a staggering 2 million records, enough to cater for even the largest collection.

View your stamps at greater than normal size without a magnifier.

Ideal to keep track of your collection & for insurance. This database allows you to enter information & images of the stamps you own, allowing you to keep record of what you have & what you are missing.

Allows you to keep a record of your stamps, first day covers and folders/booklets/sheets in one simple to use package.

Records have large image fields (550 x 340 pixels) which show good detail for your stamp, first day cover and the folder, allowing the insertion of your images and easy viewing.

Index on title field for fast record retrieval.

Enter duplicate records easily using duplicate record - creates a copy of current record - which saves data entry time where multiple same records are entered.

Fields for Title, Category, Country, Denomination, Unit, Location, Type, Issued By, Cancellation, Variety, Certification, Purchased From, Grade, Catalog Name, Catalog Number, Purchase Date, Sale Date, Mintage, Certificate Number, Year, Hinging, Date of Issue, Purchase Price, Sale Price, Catalog Value, Width, Height, Colour, and checkboxes for Watermark and First Day Cover.

There are also running totals for the whole collection for Purchase Price, Sale Price and Catalog Value.

Drop down menus can be edited easily by the user, allowing easy access to your commonly used data.

A find record facility and filters can also be used to filter on one or more fields.

A must for serious stamp collectors! If you have any technical queries/issues with using the problem, the producer of this program is available to assist via email.

Supplied on CDROM. Suitable for Windows 2000 SP3 or later including Windows 7/8/10 Windows XP and Windows Vista. 32 and 64 bit Windows supported. Not suitable for Windows 8 RT.

We have several copies of this brand new CD Software program available at $59.00 each post free.

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Lighthouse Stockcard 3 Strip [Carton of 1000 units!] 
Card size 148 x 105mm.

3 Strip, 20mm each.

With clear protective cover. Pack of 1000 Black.

These are the perfect way to neatly and safely pack stamps for transit, whether eBay sales, sending goods to auction houses, sending swaps to trade partners, or taking to your stamp club etc, these brand new stock cards provide quality and protection and look professional too. Special price - $270.00 per carton - and sent Post free!

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New Softbound Publication - Plating Papua Part 1 

Author Dr. Michael D. Ryan

Most authors would consider publishing a book such as “Plating Papua Part I” as a monumental achievement and crawl away to recover – and perhaps take up a new hobby. Author Dr. Michael D. Ryan has, however, set himself a Herculean task, the first part of which is massive in its detail and stuffed with splendid colour illustrations of Lakatois in this first ‘ magnum opus’ of a series optimistically predicted by that “Part I” in the title.

Great publication for all Papua enthusiasts - $70 Post free!

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Brand New!

Zoom Microscope with LED, 20x and 40x magnification

Practical zoom microscope with many possible applications from stamp, coin and currency collecting to school, studies, and leisure.


Outstanding clarity of image and resolution. Continuous adjustment between 20x and 40x magnification.


Powerful LED enables illumination of the research object (comes with 3x LR44 batteries). Includes object holder. Dimensions 102 x 55 x 30 mm.

$49.00 - Post Free!

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Stanley Gibbons Stamp Colour Key - The Worlds most recognised tool for identification of stamp colours, shades etc. An important tool that everyone needs in the den for easy ID. $40.00 each - post free!

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26th Edition (Hardcover) - 51 continual years of publiction!

This comprehensive guide to Australian Coins & Banknote Values contains over 2800 photographs, and thousand of valuations. This book is a must for all collectors, whether you are an advanced collector or a beginner. Latest information compiled on computer databases ensures up to date accuracy of pricing. Quality reproduction of photos makes it easy to identify items.

Published by Alan & Michael Pitt.

$55.00 each - post free.

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Why Gold Matters - Book published 2016

Peter J August is the founder and CEO of the Melbourne Mint. With over 25 years of experience in the precious metals and numismatics industries, Peter is one of Australia's most respected precious metals experts. He is also the Managing Director of the Australian Bullion Company (ABC), the founder and Managing Director of numismatics company, Universal Coin Company, and the founder and Managing Director of Gold Merchants International (GMI). In addition, Peter is a founding member of the Australasian Numismatics Dealer Association and is involved in property and farming interests.


Peter is an avid believer that investing in gold safeguards one's wealth and he therefore advocates gold as an asset class as opposed to simply being defined as a commodity. His decades of business experience and relentless dedication to the gold industry have established him as one of Australia's premium authorities on gold.


Peter has worked hard to ensure that Melbourne Mint offers the finest level of service and the highest quality product. Through this, his aim is to position Victoria as Australia's premier gold state.

$49.00 each - post free.

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DVD Catalogue of Australian Stamps - 100 Year Edition

1913-2014 - 4000+ Images!

This DVD covers all of the primary stamps of Australia from year 1913 to 2014.

There are over 5,000 lines of Excel spread sheet, one line per stamp.
Many varieties of primary stamps are included.

The spread sheet is very easy to use.
Each stamp has these descriptions on one line –

Date or year stamp was issued
Money value printed on stamp face
Unit of money, like pence or dollar
Colour or main colours
Hyperlink, click on this to bring up image
Graphic, or theme of stamps, like Kangaroo & Map
Watermark, if any
Die number, if applicable
Perforation count
Catalogue numbers for --
* Comprehensive Australia
* ACSC (Brusden White)
* Stanley Gibbons
* Michel
* Seven Seas
Technical details
Key words, description of theme or stamp.

There are further spread sheets for classes of items, such as –
* All Australian miniature sheets
* International Post stamps
* PNC, or Philatelic Numismatic Cover (cover with coin or medallion insert)
* Decorative Gutter Strips
* Price guides, which are merely comparative as they are ever changing.

You can insert your own data into the spread sheet, like the date of purchase of a stamp and its special properties.

You can easily do key word searches to find stamps.

The images are almost always of mint stamps and in each case I have made scans of the authentic stamp. The scans are at 600 dpi, so the images can be made quite large. You will easily see even small variety differences at high enlargement.

There are many uses for this album. The Excel standard search facility works rather well. The columns are separated, like money value on stamp and units of money (cent or dollar) to enhance searching.

The album is open, so you can add your own details easily in the normal Excel way.

It is rather useful when listing stamps on eBay because the descriptions are already written and catalogue numbered.


This hundreds of hours of personal work over 20 years, on and off, starting from a time when few philatelists even had computers for everyday use.

Several past buyers have described this compilation as “Easily the best electronic stamp catalogue for any country.”

This 100 years of stamps DVD is 20 years of original work by a passionate collector who has authorised us to resell this Copyright product. Please enjoy it.

$50.00 each Post Free 

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Are you looking for coin or stamp supplies or accessories not shown above?

Plese email, phone, or write to us to see if we can supply. 

We can supply further discounts if you are interested in ordering bulk quantity of any of the above - Split the cost up between your friends or stamp club and save $$$

We have many 100's of products available that aren't shown above - Brusden Whites Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue: Decimals  I, II & III - As well as Postal Stationery, Postage Dues, Kangaroos, KGV, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II .... Also have Stanley Gibbons, Scott, Renniks, Lighthouse, VST & Seven Seas Products available.

*Please note - Some products, such as stockbooks are imported from Germany, so once we are out of stock, new supplies generally take a few weeks to arrive. We recommend ordering early to avoid dissapointment. Whilst all items were in stock at time of writing, some may sell out fast.


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ACSC – Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue: NEW CATALOGUE RELEASE

JUST RELEASED DECEMBER 2016 --- Kangaroos - 6th Edition (2017)


The Sixth Edition, printed in full colour, is now available. Several new discoveries are listed for the first time.


Further research on the plate varieties has resulted in a number of amendments and corrections, with previously unknown plate positions identified, and a number of new varieties added for the first time. Whether buying, selling or just collecting, you need this publication to have the BEST knowledge!

All prices have been fully revised to reflect the current market.  Softbound, 230 pages in colour.


$125.00 Including FAST express delivery anywhere in Australia!

 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / 


Renniks Stamps of Australia - the Stamp Collector's Reference Guide 2016 (15th edition), 1000's of colour images throughout and priced in AUD


This is the most affordable, reliable & up to date Australian stamp catalogue available - and priced so cheap!

Published for 24 years and now in its 15th edition,  Renniks Stamps of Australia is an indispensable guide for the collector of or dealer in Australian stamps, reflecting local market prices for issues from the Colonies (States) in 1850 through Australian Commonwealth issues up to June 2016.

The catalogue is jam-packed with information with individual stamp prices for mint and used, as well as first day covers and booklets.

The popular Philatelic Numismatic Covers (PNCs) are also illustrated and priced with quantities sold where this information is available.

The "Adelaide 2016 30c Counter Printed Stamp set of 6 set is listed in here at $4500 mint and $3,000 used - Amazing for a modern issue not even one year old!

Author Name   Edited by Allan B. Pitt

Title   Stamps of Australia 15th Edition # The Stamp Collector's Reference Guide

Binding   Soft cover

Book Condition   New

Type   Book

Edition   15th Edition

Size   21.0 x 14.7 x 1.3 cm

Publisher   Australia Renniks Publications 2016

ISBN Number  0987338684 / 9780987338686

We have 50 copies of this brand new, just released publication available.

$30.00 each post paid anywhere in Australia

 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / 










Can't find what you are searching for?

Contact us to ask for a quote.

Australia Philatelic Philately Brand New Lighthouse Stamp Stockbook storage acessories cheap
Brand New DVD The Stmp of Australia History Information Australian Postal Service
Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World 2016 Edition - 6 Huge Volumes - Brand New Catalogue Recently Released ​ The Stamps of the World Simplified Catalogue lists commemoratives, definitives, air-mails, postage dues, official stamps and miniature sheets. All stamps have the universally recognized and individual Stanley Gibbons (SG) catalogue number and are set out according to date of issue of the stamps, by country.
Stamp Values Guide Price Catalogue 2016 Stanley Gibbons 10th Edition Booklet Publication
Australia Pilatelic Philately Brand New Lighthouse Stamp Motif Stockbook storage acessories cheap
Brand New Sealed Quality Lighthouse Stamp and Postcard Collector Albums
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