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Australia - Discount Mint Fully Gummed Postage Stamps now available 

As a part of the many collections we purchase, we end up with bulk mint stamps from all eras and values. Our lots can contain stamps from the beginning of Decimal currency in 1966 - to present. The values are mixed and can be anything from 1 cent, right up to $20 in both domestic & International Post.

Often we are getting asked to supply specific values, unfortunately we don't have the time to do this, we just count up the mint & sell it. If you need $1 stamps only, you probably need to pay full price from Aust post. If you want to save money and have some spare time to stick them all on your parcels, buy from us. Standard tracking labels are free from Aust Post so you can use stamps on your parcels & ask for the tracking labels at the counter. 

At the moment we have many $1000's available but there is sometimes a shortage, so I recommend ordering your requirements as early as possible. 

The price is $740.00 per $1000 face value.

To order please email us; 

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